Goldenhoof Plus

Goldenhoof Plus | Control and healing of footrot and footscald

100% w/w for cutaneous solution. Zinc Sulphate based soluble powder for use in a footbath for SHEEP. Produces a safe, stable solution for the control and healing of footrot and footscald.

Determine the volume of water required to provide sufficient depth to allow complete immersion of the feet and mix accordingly. Golden Hoof dissolves easily in cold water and it is suggested that this is done in a bucket of water before adding to the bulk of the volume of water in the bath. Any additional topping-up should be carried out with a 10% solution. Secure bag tightly after use.

20kg, 10kg

  1. Bath entry and exit points should be clean. Remove any debris from bath (e.g. Wool).
  2. All Animals in the group should be treated.
  3. Badly infected feet should be sparingly and carefully pared to expose infected tissue before footbathing. Paring equipment should be disinfected between each animal being treated.
  4. For maintenance treatment at times of high risk and for the treatment of footscald sheep should stand in the footbath solution for a minium of 2 mins. This is more practical in pen type baths.
  5. For the treatment of footrot, separate out infected animals and stand in the solution for up to 30 minutes.
  6. Animals should be allowed sufficient time (minimum of 15 minutes) for drying on concrete or grating, before returning to grass (preferably rested from sheep for at least two weeks).
  7. Repeat treatment at 7 day intervals to bring the infection under control (minimum of three weeks and therefore at 1 - 2 weeks intervals during the period when infection is likely to spread.
  8. If treatment with our product should fail, then it is advisable to reconsider the cause of the condition, especially if contagious Ovine Dermatitis could be a complicating factor. If signs of disease persist or appear, consult your veterinary surgeon.
  9. Although unpalatable, care must be taken to ensure sheep do not drink the solution. Drinking water should be made available in order to prevent animals from drinking the solution in cases of extreme thirst.