Colostro Sheep


“Really easy to use with clear instructions, mixed a lot quicker and easier than other brands, less mess. Lambs picked up really well on this”.

S Wisher, Yorkshire: Sheep Farmer

tWins Sheep


“Ewes that had gone down with Twin Lamb recovered quickly after treatment with tWins, I think it is a good product to use”

J Bowen, Monmouth: Sheep Farmer.

Vit&Min Cattle

Vit&Min Cattle Mineral Drench

“The cattle drench works well to help the beef calves get over the weaning lag, helps re-gain their sparkle!”.

Messrs P & S Watts, Somerset

Ketocow Cattle


“Ketocow was so easy to drench the cows, I loved the bottle and the fact it had a 150ml gauge along the side”.

R Lougher, Bridgend: Dairy Farmer