Colostro Sheep


"Really easy to use with clear instructions, mixed a lot quicker and easier than other brands, less mess. Lambs picked up really well on this."

S Wisher, Yorkshire: Sheep Farmer

tWins Sheep


"Ewes that had gone down with Twin Lamb recovered quickly after treatment with tWins, I think it is a good product to use."

J Bowen, Monmouth: Sheep Farmer

Vit&Min Cattle

Vit&Min Cattle Mineral Drench

"The cattle drench works well to help the beef calves get over the weaning lag, helps re-gain their sparkle!"

Messrs P & S Watts, Somerset

Ketocow Cattle


"Ketocow was so easy to drench the cows, I loved the bottle and the fact it had a 150ml gauge along the side."

R Lougher, Bridgend: Dairy Farmer

Ketocow Cattle


"I have been using yeast based products over the last five years, so am well aware of its benefits, so it made sense to try this new formulation from GreenCoat Farm which claimed to be better, against my current yeast product. The results were astounding and maxiGain is even better than I expected."

Steve Renfree, Cornwall: Livestock Farmer

Ketocow Cattle


"We encountered problems with mycotoxins earlier in the year and so we started including a mycotoxin binder in our ration. A local supplement manufacturer Greencoat Farm Ltd asked us if we would be prepared to swap to their new product MycoBindA as a trial to compare the effect versus the product which we were already feeding. The Greencoat product worked just as well if not better and there is a significant cost advantage. We will continue to use the MycobindA product and I would have no reservation in recommending this product to other producers."

Mr. Dave Edwards, Monmouthshire

Ketocow Cattle


"Mycotoxin issues are becoming more common. I had a few cows become poorly due to mycotoxins last year and was advised to include a mycotoxin binder in the ration to help overcome the issue. I initially used a product that was recommended by one of my feed suppliers which seemed to do the trick but was then approached by Greencoat Farm, a local supplement manufacturer from Monmouth, asking if I would agree to carry out an on farm trial on their new product MycoBindA. I swapped to the Greencoat product and still continue to feed it – it works just as well as the product that I had been using previously and works out quite a bit cheaper. I would recommend this product."

Mr. Dave Edwards, Monmouthshire